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About Us

About BellaKernow

BellaKernow  was  started  in  2017  by  husband  and  wife  team,  Mark & Donna.

“The  business  was  borne  out  of  our  own  love  for  camping  &  outdoor  living,  as  we  spend  a  large  amount  of  time  each  year  camping  with  our  young  family.”

“We  wanted  to  create  an exceptional  camping  experience  for  anyone  to  enjoy  at  their  venue  of  choice.”

Donna & Mark grew up in West Cornwall and both enjoyed camping and exploring the beautiful countryside and beaches as children.

“Our fondest memories from childhood are filled with the excitement and wonder that we experienced from sleeping somewhere outdoors and ‘wild’ whilst feeling cosy and warm inside a tent.  All through our lives we have never lost the love of feeling rejuvenated and totally relaxed when immersed in the natural elements.”

“We have made our dream come true in establishing BellaKernow.  Not only do we  work together, but we get to help create people’s unforgettable occasions and life-long memories.”